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Features of the Boot Scrubber

Ideal for anyplace; home, barn, ranch, work, cottage or a weekend getaway.

Our Boot Scrubber is the perfect boot, shoe and footwear cleaning tool.  The Boot Scrubber is a scrubber, scraper and cleaner all in one.

It has a handy, built-in shoe sole and edge scraper to clean off those tough to get at places of mud and manure caked on bottom of shoe. The strong bristle brushes clean mud and snow off boots and shoes without falling apart.  Our Boot Scrubber includes four screws and brackets for easy bolt down on wood or concrete.



boot scrubber shoe cleaner scraper brush

Quality of the Boot Scrubber

Other boot cleaners I have fall apart, how do I know this one will stand the test of time and abuse of my dirty boots?

Our Boot Scrubber is crafted from high density, composite molded plastic that is long lasting and will not rot or crack from elements of snow, rain, barnyard acids or weather, which is common with wood edges used by other brands.

The strong bristle brushes of our Boot Scrubber clean mud, snow and other filth off your boots and shoes without pulling out of the frame like most of the cheaper models on the market.

Our Boot Scrubber’s rugged, heavy gauge, welded metal frame can take abuse and misuse, so unless you plan on running this over with your truck, it will last a long time.




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Other Brands Boot Scrubber
Metal Frame yes yes
Long lasting bristles no yes
Edge Scraper no yes
High Density Plastic no yes
$18 – 37 $27.97
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  • "Works exactly as described. We mounted ours to a 2'X 2' x 1 1/8" thick piece of plywood. Easy to do and cleans the mud and debris off the boots quickly and easily." - Joy E. Barry
  • "This boot scraper really works, it keeps the cow manure and other stuff that is not welcome in the house off my boots (shoes). I mounted this on a 2X6 and it stays in place. A good buy." - Fred Mealio
  • "Very good product, great packaging, timely delivery. My house now much cleaner and my wife stopped calling me "dirty pig". Recommended as marriage saver." - Mark Krichever
  • "This boot scrubber works very well for cleaning my work boots before entering the house. Very well built with bristles stiff enough to remove the dirt." - Thomas Clark